Take Away the Pain of New or Tightened Braces

Cool Jaw releif from braces pain

Cool Jaw releif from braces pain

Every 4 to 6 weeks, you go to your orthodontist to get your braces “tightened” or “adjusted”.

Your teeth are held in place because you gums “grip” the roots.  In order for the teeth to move into proper alignment, the grip must be broken. Adjusting your braces breaks this grip. This then causes inflammation and pain for several days until the gums tighten around the tooth roots again. Then you’re relatively pain-free until the next adjustment.

Cold soothes the pain in your mouth, and later numbs your teeth.  Cool Jaw offers an assortment of Therapeutic Gel Packs designed for Oral Applications.

The 4 Stages of Cryotherapy, or Cold Therapy

  • The first stage is cold
  • The second is a prickling or burning
  • The third stage is an ache, sometimes rather painful
  • The fourth and most important stage is numbness.

As soon as this stage is achieved, remove the cold. Time duration depends upon body weight. Twenty to thirty minutes should be the maximum time. If it is necessary to reapply, let the skin go to normal temperature.

How to Treat Pain from Braces

Braces are not meant to be painful and if you are in considerable pain from your braces, you should discuss it with your orthodontist. But at times braces do cause tenderness when biting or sometimes feel slightly sore or teeth have a loose-feeling.

Try this:

  • Eat soft foods like yogurt, pudding and applesauce
  • Take a non-aspirin over-the-counter pain medication.
  • Rinse your mouth with warm salt water.
  • Apply a little therma-therapy at to your jaw.

Therma-therapy or heat therapy is used for chronic pain – that dull prolonged nagging pain.

T850C4B_1cooljaw_tn  A Gel Pack heated can be very beneficial in promoting wellness.

If it is the wires from your braces rubbing that is the issue, you can move the wire away from your cheek with a cotton swab, and then cover it with orthodontic wax. You might even try snipping a stray end of a wire with scissors or nail clippers that you’ve first washed and sterilized with alcohol.


Cool Jaw for Oral Pain

Cool Jaw offers both Cold and Hot/Cold Therapy Options for Pain Relief

Learn TMJ Pain Relief from the actions of a Fish

Learn TMJ Pain Relief from the actions of a fish

Learn TMJ Pain Relief from the actions of a fish

Like a Blowfish, puff your cheeks. Take in 5 deeep breaths with both cheeks puffed to their fullest. Teeth apart. With each breath think big, bigger, BIGGEST – taking the biggest breath possible.  Make sure you control both jaws equally – both sides. At the end, release the breath through pursed teeth slowly. Make sure you control your jaw muscles making sure that they do not pop or click. Once you can hold it for 5 seconds comfortably, work up to as long as you can sustain it without losing control.

Temporomandibluar Joint Disorders (TMD) – Relief is at Hand



Cool Jaw T_460

91% find Thermal Therapy the Best Treatment for TMD. Cool Jaw Hand Held Reusable Hot / Cold Pack.

In a survey conducted by the TMJ Association and the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW)  targetingTemporomandibluar Joint Disorders (TMD), hot and cold compresses to the jaw were found to be the number one most effective and  most frequently used pain therapy or treatment. 

In addition the research paints a very specific portrait of those afflicted.  90% of those patients surveyed were women, 96% Non-Hispanic White.  70% employed.   Stress, Teeth Clinching and Trauma overlap as the primary perceived causes of TMJ Disorders. In addition to TMD pain, almost always these individuals also suffered from Headaches and Allergies.

Of the 46 treatments outlined, 91% of respondents chose thermal therapy (hot or cold compresses) to treat their TMD pain.  74% of the respondents reported reduction of symptoms after applying thermal treatment. 

see more:  Clinical Journal of Pain, Volume 27, Number 3, March/April 2011, pp. 268-274. or http://tmj.org/site/blogs/tmj-disorders/2012-03-15-0

Teeth Grinding (Bruxism) – What Helps?

Take a Bite Out of Poor Health, Address Your Bruxism Now!

Cool Jaw Hot/Cold Therapy

Heat Helps! Relax your jaw muscles at night using Heat therapy.

Bruxism, is defined as clenching or grinding your teeth, often while asleep – very damaging to oral health!  It is not necessarily a by-product of stress or anxiety; more often it is due to an abnormal bite or missing or crooked teeth.  Often people are unaware of their actions because it happens during sleep – all they see are the symptoms….a sore jaw, a constant headache.

If this sounds familiar, check for jaw tenderness and teeth movement.  Ask a loved one to observe you sleeping.  See your dentist, he can fit you for a mouth guard to wear while sleeping.  Meanwhile follow this simple outline to address the situation:

  • Cut off the coffee and tea early in the day, and watch consumption of other things with caffeine – like chocolate and cola.

  • A drink before bed does not induce sleep!  It actually stimulates teeth grinding.
  • Spit out that gum! Nothing, no pencils, pipes, nothing, gets chewed on – except food.
  • Be aware of your actions.  If you are clenching your teeth while deep in thought, or grinding your teeth during the day – relax your jaw.  You can even place your tongue between your teeth to act as a buffer.
  • Relax your jaw muscles before you go to sleep.  Here’s how:

Before you go to sleep use Cool Jaw® Soft Stretch Wrap with Hot/Cold Gel Packs to apply heat.

Place  Cool Jaw Blue Hot/Cold Gel Packs in a microwaveable safe container and heat for 15 seconds. (Time based on a 800 watt microwave.)

Remove and check for desired temperature, if necessary reheat at 5 second intervals.

Place inside the Cool Jaw Wrap and treat area for up to 20 minutes.

Sweet Dreams!Cool Jaw Hot Therapy

TMJ PAIN!!!!! :(


Apply an ice pack to the side of your face and temple area for about 10 minutes. Do a few simple stretching exercises for your jaw (as instructed by your dentist or physical therapist). After exercising, apply a warm towel or washcloth to the side of your face for about 5 minutes. Perform this routine a few times each day.*
Make this easier on yourself by utilizing the Cool Jaw® soft stretch face wrap with hot / cold gel packs.  The product line utilizes a unique, patented pocket design that allows patients to easily replace gel packs without compromising compression.

Cool Jaw® hands free cold therap

Cool Jaw® hands free cold therapy can mold to the contours of the face, will not leak, and are light weight, ensuring proper pressure.


Make Mine A Root Beer

root beerThe University of Maryland recently published in  The Academy of General Dentistry’s Journal, “General Dentistry”, a review of not only traditional soft drinks but non-cola soft drinks, diet drinks, and canned iced tea.  All, according to Dr. Thomas Balshi, prosthodontist and founder of Prothodontics Intermedica in Philadelphia, can cause irreversible damage to our dental health.

Logic isn’t all it’s cracked up to be when it comes to permanently destroying your tooth enamel.  My first thoughts would be sugared sodas were the very worst choice when looking for a thirst quencher……..Did you know diet sodas have the same negative effect as the sugared versions since the main culprit is the acidic additives?

Wouldn’t you think brewed coffee or tea were a no-no?  Brewed black tea and coffee  had a minimal effect, canned iced tea on the other hand causes 30 times the damage to tooth enamel as brewed tea or coffee.

You know water is always good for you, but Root Beer???  Those clear-as-water choices like Sprite, Sierra Mist, and Fresca all have acidic flavor additives, including malic, tartaric, citric and phosphoric acids which weaken and erode tooth enamel. They cause 2-5 times more damage than darker cola drinks.  The high level of acid actually dissolve the tooth’s enamel!

“Root beer, which contains the least amount of flavor additives, was found to be the safest soft drink to safeguard dental enamel,” as per Dr. Balshi. “The chemical reaction between your mouth’s natural acidity and that found in the soft drink can result in significant tooth decay.”

Gives new meaning to a cold one.